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Affiliate TOS Page

Print With Design Affiliate Program Special Terms and Conditions
(Effective August 2016)

In order to join the Print With Design Affiliate Program (“the Program”), You must read and agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions. Violation of the Terms and Conditions can result in the loss of commissions and/or Your termination from the Print With Design Affiliate Program as described in Section 3 below. These Terms and Conditions are in addition to or modify any terms and conditions You have agreed to pursuant to Your Publisher Service Agreement (“PSA”) with Our website. As used in these Terms and Conditions, “You” and “Your” refers to you, your employees, agents, affiliates and any companies managed or owned by you. Other capitalized terms used herein but not defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning as in the PSA.

  1. Joining the Program
    1. Participation in the Program is subject to Print With Design’s approval. You must first submit an application to Print With Design through Our website in order to become an “approved” Affiliate eligible to post Links to Print With Design websites and earn commissions. After the application has been submitted, Print With Design will have the option of approving or declining the application for any reason or no reason.
    2. If approved, You will have already acknowledged Your acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. If You do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, You may not participate in the Program.
    3. Other than the payment of the commission, You shall have no claims to any additional compensation, commissions or business derived by or through a Print With Design website.
    4. Participation in Program does not constitute an employment, broker or agency relationship between You and Print With Design, nor does it create any partnership, joint venture, franchise, or sales representative relationship between You and Print With Design.

Publisher who wants to do search marketing are required to accept comply with the terms of our Search Policy.

We encourage the use of search engines as a means to drive additional traffic to additional Print With Design channel offers such as acquisition email and the affiliate program. However, partners and affiliates who choose to use search to drive traffic to Print With Design offers must be bound by the following rules. Those in violation of this policy will lose the opportunity to use search marketing to drive traffic to Print With Design offers either at the individual partner level or on behalf of the entire network so it is important for networks to closely monitor adherence to the rules by their partners. In addition they risk NOT be compensated for any orders driven from a policy violation. Print With Design reserves the right to update these policies as needed.

In case of violation of this policy, Print With Design reserves the right to end the partnership, withhold any outstanding compensation and impose a contractual penalty fine.


a. They may NEVER under any circumstances use www.Print With or as the display URL in a search ad. Also, they may NEVER use any Print With Design specific locale in their domain. (I.e or


a. They must NOT use the trademarked terms Print With Design, PrintWithDesign, and Print With in search copy regardless of the keyword searched.

b. They must NOT misspell Print With Design trademarked terms to imitate or bypass the trademark policy, such as using the plural version, Vista Prints.

c. They must NOT run ads impersonating Print With Design or implying the ad is served by Print With Design. Ads should clearly be represented as links to an affiliate offer.


  1. We encourage our affiliates to add the following terms as “negative” into their broad bidding policy

“Print With Design”


    a. Publishers are prohibited from bidding on Print With Design trademarked terms. “Print With Design” and all variations and misspellings thereof; including (but not limited to) Print With Design, Vista print, Print With, www.Print With, Print With Designs, Vista prints. Plus all these variations with a PRODUCT NAME before or after (Print With Design Free Business Cards, Print With Design Business Cards, Free Business Cards Print With Design, etc…)

    b. Users ARE NOT PERMITTED to bid on TM plus coupons, specials, deals, promotions, coupon codes, codes, etc.. I.E. Print With Design coupons, vista print specials.


    a. They must NOT purchase or use domain names containing any Print With Design trademark, including domain names that combine a Print With Design trademark with one or more additional words, letters, numbers, or other characters, or domain names containing any misspelling or other confusingly similar variation of any Print With Design trademark. Print With Design will take legal action to take ownership of the domain name if found in violation. I.E. or www.Affiliate-Print With

    b. The use of Print With Design in the domain after .com is not to be used in any paid search advertising. I.E. With Design.


    a. Partners may choose to land ads on their own site or to purchase a domain name and create a new landing page for Print With Design offers. Affiliates may not re-direct from search engines to the Print With Design site without first landing on an intermediate page requiring a click to get to Print With Design.


    a. They must NOT serve ads that appear in a higher position than the Print With Design managed ads knowingly, and if found to be outranking us, must lower the bid immediately upon our request.


    a. Affiliates must not use misleading claims such as 100% Free in ad copy if the offer requires the customer to pay shipping and handling.

    9. Affiliates must adhere to all the editorial guidelines and search advertising terms and conditions set forth by each search engine (Google, Yahoo, MSN Ask). However, as any of these search engines update their terms, the new terms will apply to this Print With Design policy.

    a. Print With Design search marketing policy for affiliates TRUMPS search engine policies when the two are not in accordance, such as, but not limited to certain trademark regulations.


    When creating videos or other online content that publish the affiliate link on social media networks and video sharing sites, Print With Design’s image needs to be kept in mind. These sites cannot be associated with any vulgar, racist, sexual or any other content that Print With Design deems offensive. All videos deemed offensive by Print With Design need to be removed from all sites within 24 hours of contact with Print With Design. Removal is to be completed by affiliate.


You must not use spyware, bots or other technologies to (1) redirect automatically a consumer’s browser to a site owned or operated by You without the consumer’s knowledge or (2) fraudulently make it appear as though links to Print With Design sites are coming from sites owned or operated by You when in fact they are coming from other sites not owned or operated by You.

You must not use sites owned or operated by You for phishing schemes designed to fraudulently collect personal information from consumers. In addition, You must not knowingly or negligently allow sites owned or operated by You to be used by others for such phishing schemes.


You may not cause the downloading or installation of any software, including but not limited to toolbars, browser add-ons, extensions or plug- ins, (“Software”) without getting the affirmative consent of the user. Any Software You use to promote Print With Design offers must be offered directly by You as a standalone download. You cannot distribute Software through third parties or bundle Software with other downloads (whether distributed directly by You or a third party). Software must not automatically take users to the Print With Design site or a site operated by You. All software must require users to take some affirmative action, such as a click, before they are linked to another site.

  1. Site unders

You may not use www.Print With or Print With as any other Print With Design country-specific domain (I.e Print With or Print With as a site under or other direct advertisement.


    While Print With Design understands the importance of promoting your site and affiliation with the company to drive customers to the Print With Design site, we expressly prohibit any affiliate from mentioning Print With Design in press releases or promotional written materials without the expressed written consent of Print With Design’s public relations department. Any release or story put out without this consent is in violation of your contract and copyrighted properties of Print With Design which include penalties and potential legal action.

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