Competitive Trash Talking Works In Politics But Never In Business


Though one would generally dismiss candidates who take this approach, here is the only reason this works in politics: Politicians know they are battling over the “undecided” votes of less than 20%. It’s just the way it works in a two-party system. They recognize that their camp won’t be turned away by negative ads. And, the people who already don’t like them, just might hate them little more than they hated them before. A negative ad hopes to convince the ones in the middle that the other candidate is more “evil” than the person running the ad. So, though ethically questionable, negative political ads can be effective.

You might think that speaking ill of your competitor in business would win you some “votes” with your potential customer. Not so fast. Let me share why doing so is not a good idea, and how you can get the negatives on the table without making yourself sound like a weasel.

Three Reasons Why Trash-Talk Does Not Work In Business