Benefits to Adding Facebook Pixels to your Website

Methods of marketing has changed dramatically over the decades. Consumers are actively learning and sharing their feedback on where to shop by “Digital Word of Mouth” and/or through reviews. If your website is not actively shared, new content via a blog, or spending the top dollars on ads your customer will never have a clue you exist. So what is facebook pixels?

Facebook Pixels

How do you capitalize and have a better “Return on Investment” (ROI) on facebook ads:

  • Do you know how many users became customers out of the users that saw the Ad ?
  • Optimize your Conversion: Email subscribers, inquired about your service/product, visited your website.
  • Can you re-target your ads only to similar users?

Adding Facebook Pixel to your website helps organically find potential users that are similar to one of your existing Custom Audiences. This is extremely useful when you want to scale your campaigns! Facebook already knows the consumers likes, it is on you to get in front of those consumers alike.

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